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Espahbod Apartment Hotel Savadkuh

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The Espahbod Apartment Hotel, located in the lush area beneath the city of Savadkuh, near the Tehran-North highway, opened in 1402 (Gregorian year). The main building comprises 2 floors and a ground floor, featuring a reception hall on the ground floor, a restaurant on the first floor, and guest suites on the second floor. The accommodation units are divided into three categories: one-bedroom suites, two-bedroom suites, and VIP two-bedroom suites, which have a beautiful view of the mountains and forests, with a delightful 200-square-meter terrace. One of the advantages of staying in this complex is easy access to various areas, including historical and natural sites such as Varesk Bridge, the Historical Museum, and the Alasht Observatory, as well as the beautiful Alborz Dam and the natural waterfalls of the region. The breathtaking view of lush forests and the stunning Hirkani on all sides, the railway, terraced fields, and the Talareh River make it an unforgettable stay.

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