Jahangardi Guesthouse Maku

Jahangardi Guesthouse Maku Maku

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Jahangardi Guesthouse Maku is located in the historic city of Maku, known as the Stone City. It boasts a mountainous landscape, lush pastures, and historical and natural attractions such as Sardar Palace, Baghche Joogh Palace, Emaret Kalah Farangi, Zoor Zoor Churches, Sham Valley, Tatavous, Rawz Castle, Black Castle, Old Post Building, Gharanaz Garden, and Makki Sunni Mosque. The guesthouse has 30 rooms, including 8 single rooms, one three-person suite, two four-person suites, and 19 double rooms. Jahangardi Guesthouse Maku is approximately 140 kilometers from the nearest airport (Khoy Airport), 245 kilometers from the railway, and 15 kilometers from the Bazargan border.

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Jahangardi Guesthouse Maku Facilities and Services

  • Luggage room
  • Free wireless Internet
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  • 24/7 Reception
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  • Shoe polishing machine
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