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Golestan Koh Residential Complex in Khansar was established at the entrance to the city and in the heart of a unique mountainous region known as the Golestan Koh Tourism Model Region, adjacent to the Golestan Koh protected area. This complex, with an area of 45 hectares, is located on the 2nd kilometer of Khansar-Isfahan Road, facing the Baghakal Earth Dam. Golestan Koh Khansar Village with its modern design inspired by modern tourist villages worldwide, is divided into two sections: service spaces (about 25 hectares) and residential and investment spaces (about 20 hectares). With excellent facilities, the complex offers a very pleasant and tranquil environment for the accommodation of from all over Iran.

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Golestan Koh Facilities and Services

  • Photo shoot studio
  • Travel Agency
  • Baby Park
  • Free Parking
  • Taxi Service
  • Traditional Tea Bar
  • Tour services
  • Housekeeping services
  • Tennis court
  • Sports field
  • Green space
  • Coffee shop
  • Laundry service


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