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The Boutique Hotel Haft Peykar in Gorgan was opened in the year 2021. The building is part of the largest historical house in northern Iran, known as the Baqeri House, located in the old district of Gorgan, specifically in the Imamzadeh Noor neighborhood. Due to its prime location, it provides convenient access to valuable landmarks such as Imamzadeh Noor, Sar Cheshmeh Bathhouse, Shirangi Houses, Taqavi, Shafiei, Mir Shahidi, and Rezaqoli Nejad. The accommodation section features 20 uniquely designed rooms, and the courtyard areas are exclusively reserved for guests of the hotel, with no access permitted to the general public. The rooms are named after the masterpieces of the poet Nizami Ganjavi, using the names of beautiful women from the story of Haft Peykar, such as Fork, reminiscent of the joy of silk in the land of perfume and oud, and black musk. Yamanaz, the joyful seclusion like the amber-colored skirts of the plain. Nazpari, a green umbrella like a spring garden. Nasrin Nush, like a tall night, stretched to the dome of the sun. Azarvaneh, victorious like the sky dome. Homay, a fortune in a shell-like environment, a symbol of ancient sandalwood. Dorosti, bright like the morning whiteness. The Boutique Hotel Haft Peykar in Gorgan is equipped with suitable recreational facilities and well-trained staff ready to provide services to the guests of the beautiful city of Gorgan

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