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Hamaye Saadat Delijan

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Hamaye Saadat Hotel, built nearly 80 years ago by two Iranian brothers in the heart of Delijan, is a testament to the love and sincerity of the people for this land. After half a century, we have dedicated ourselves to hard work and placed the aspirations of happiness on the helm. Today, you dear ones who haven’t forgotten the good memories of the past can find your lost paradise in this enchanting and dreamy place called "Hamaye Saadat." Hamaye Saadat Complex, spanning 15,000 square meters, includes luxurious suites, Saadat Restaurant, fast food, ceremony hall, cafe shop, conference and seminar hall, fuel station, and a marketplace in a peaceful, friendly, and modern environment, ready to welcome dear travelers. There are 30 residential suites (Metl) in a peaceful setting, consisting of 16 units of 35 square meters, 8 units of 45 square meters, and 6 units of 55 square meters, accommodating cherished guests. Saadat Restaurant, established in 1949, with approximately 70 years of history, shines like a gem in this complex, holding health and ISO certificates from ICS GROUP Canada. This complex includes suites, a restaurant, fast food, a cafe shop, a shopping market, a fuel station, and a ceremony hall. Many attractions are located near this beautiful motel, including Khoreh Fire Temple, Jasab Wildlife Refuge, Naraq Old Bazaar, Chal Nakhjir Cave, and the warm springs of Mahallat, which includes six springs named Shafa, Danbe, Romatism, Hakim, Souda, and Suleimanieh, in one of Iran’s most pleasant climates with beautiful flowers.

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