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Touristi Koosar Palace Hotel is located in the heart of the green and cultural town of Esko. It is situated in the amazing tourist village of Kandovan in this county. It is 18 kilometers from Esko to Tabriz and 80 kilometers to Urmia. The proximity of this hotel to the city of Tabriz provides the opportunity for and tourists to rest in a pleasant and tranquil environment after visiting the attractions and tourist sites away from the city hustle and bustle. The hotel offers a variety of traditional and local foods, handicrafts, and local agricultural products, along with special souvenirs from Esko, to its esteemed tourists and guests. The hotel provides 24-hour service, a shopping center, administrative services, information, and shopping for guests’ needs. The hotel has a smoking room, so it is not appropriate to smoke in public areas of the hotel. It is worth noting that currency exchange services are available inside the hotel.

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