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Hotel Tavakol Hotel Kelardasht

( Hotel Three Star )
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Tavakol Hotel is a three-star in Klardasht. It is one of the newly established complexes in this city. This complex is ready to serve you dear ones with convenient facilities and experienced and trained personnel. It is towards the forests of Sarzaz and the mountains of Alam and Takht Suleiman. The suites of this beautiful complex have a very comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, and this has made this hotel attractive. It is located in an area with good weather and has a suitable space for holding meetings or staying for work or leisure groups. A comfortable stay depends on the presence of some amenities such as an elevator, parking, and air conditioning. Facilities such as: a prayer room, shop, breakfast room, safety deposit box, fire extinguisher, print, and copy machine are also available. The hotel's parking lot, which has a capacity of more than 200 cars, makes it easy for guests to park their cars. The presence of a pleasant and scenic green space in the area of Tavakol Kalardasht Hotel has made a part of the amazing nature of Kalardasht available to tourists and travelers . Guests can enjoy the natural gifts and spectacular views of Kalardasht without leaving the hotel. be relieved. The sports field is also included in this hotel so that people who do not like to stay away from sports activities during their vacations can have the opportunity to do sports activities. It is necessary to know that Tavakol Hotel Klardasht does not have a restaurant, but due to its convenient location, it is located near some of the best restaurants in Klardasht. Therefore, those tourists who do not like to cook food for themselves in the kitchen of their accommodation unit, can call the phone number of one of the high-quality restaurants near the hotel and order the food of their choice and have it delivered in a short time. Thanks to the use of experienced and committed employees, welfare services are offered to the guests at Tavakol Kalardasht Hotel with the highest possible quality. Services such as housekeeping, round-the-clock reception, porterage, wake-up service, dry cleaning, and laundry are offered to guests in this hotel so that they do not feel any shortage during their stay in this hotel. It goes without saying that high-speed internet services will also be provided to guests for free so that they can enjoy the pleasure of being in the virtual space. we can help you with immediate online booking of this hotel at seyaaha.com

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General Characteristics of The Hotel Tavakol Hotel

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  • View of The Hotel

    Street | the alley

  • Number of Rooms

    Room 223

  • Number of Floors

    23 floors

  • Number of Beds

    618 beds

  • Lobby Capacity

    With a Capacity of 100 People

  • Traffic Situation

    The Scope of The Traffic Plan Medium

Tavakol Hotel Facilities and Services

  • 24/7 Reception
  • Fax
  • Free Parking
  • Free Wireless Internet
  • Garden
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Laundry
  • Lobby
  • Multiple Lifts
  • Prayer's Room
  • Printer
  • Sport Field


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