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Hotel Pouriya Bandar Anzali

( Hotel Four Star )

گیلان - کیلومتر 33 جاده رشت به انزلی - جاده زیباکنار - بعد از منطقه آزاد


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  • Pouria Hotel Rasht was put into operation in 2010. This hotel has five floors and 80 accommodation units, which are spread over the first to third floors. The fourth and fifth floors of Puria Hotel are also dedicated to a multi-purpose hall for holding conferences and weddings, with advanced facilities. Among the advantages of four-star Puria hotel in Rasht, we can mention the short distance from the hotel to the sea, shopping centers and the free zone. Dear guests, Poria Hotel is located 33 km from Rasht and 22 km from Bandar Anzali, after the free zone.

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General Characteristics of The Hotel Pouriya

  • Production Date


  • View of The Hotel

    Street | the alley

  • Number of Rooms

    Room 223

  • Number of Floors

    23 floors

  • Number of Beds

    618 beds

  • Lobby Capacity

    With a Capacity of 100 People

  • Traffic Situation

    The Scope of The Traffic Plan

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