Minab Tourist Guesthouse/Hotel

Hotel Minab Tourist Guesthouse/Hotel Minab

( Hotel Two Star )
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Minab Tourist Guesthouse/Hotel is located in Hormozgan province, Minab city. The discovery of ancient artifacts nearby the Minab river indicates the existence of a civilization that of several thousand years old. The fertile soil of the Minab region and the flow of fresh water of the Minab River, a calm beach and a natural harbor (Khortiab Minab) have a sign of the flourishing and great civilization of this region. Minab Tourist Guesthouse/Hotel has 20 rooms with three beds. Among the beautiful areas close to the hotel, including Bakhsh Sirik Bazaar, Mishi Bazaar, Koh Sang Beach, Khore Tiab, Bam Minab and Minab Dam. we can help you with immediate online booking of this hotel at seyaaha.com

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General Characteristics of The Hotel Minab Tourist Guesthouse/Hotel

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  • View of The Hotel

    Street | the alley

  • Number of Rooms

    Room 223

  • Number of Floors

    23 floors

  • Number of Beds

    618 beds

  • Lobby Capacity

    With a Capacity of 100 People

  • Traffic Situation

    The Scope of The Traffic Plan Medium

Minab Tourist Guesthouse/Hotel Facilities and Services

  • 24/7 Reception
  • Fax
  • Free Newspaper
  • Free Parking
  • Free Wireless Internet
  • Garden
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Lobby
  • Prayer's Room
  • Printer
  • Shoe Wax Machine
  • Taxi Service


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