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Hotel Eram Tehran

( Hotel Four Star )

تهران، میدان ونک، بزرگراه شهید حقانی، بالاتر از کتابخانه ملی، ورودی همت غرب سمت راست


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The four big stars of Eram in the north of the capital with an eye-catching view and away from the noise was opened in 1380 and its last renovation was done in 1394. The hotel building has 2 floors and has 72 luxurious rooms and suites with convenient facilities. Being located next to the important highways of the city, including Shahid Hammet, Shahid Haqqani and Ayatollah Modares highways, makes this hotel unique in a way that makes it possible to reach the administrative and commercial centers of the capital in the shortest possible time. Eram Grand Hotel wishes you a memorable stay with special facilities and services with an experienced staff in a pleasant atmosphere. It should be noted that the rooms on the south side have a balcony and the rooms on the north side do not have a balcony.

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General Characteristics of The Hotel Eram

  • Production Date


  • View of The Hotel

    Street | the alley

  • Number of Rooms

    Room 223

  • Number of Floors

    23 floors

  • Number of Beds

    618 beds

  • Lobby Capacity

    With a Capacity of 100 People

  • Traffic Situation

    The Scope of The Traffic Plan

Eram Facilities and Services

  • 24/7 Reception
  • Children's Park
  • Coffee Shop
  • Disabled Guests Special Service
  • Fax
  • Free Newspaper
  • Free Parking
  • Free Wireless Internet
  • Freight Services
  • Garden
  • Gym
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Laundry
  • Lobby
  • Multiple Lifts
  • Photo shooting studio
  • Pool
  • Prayer's Room
  • Printer
  • Sauna
  • Shoe Wax Machine
  • Smoker's room
  • Sports Salon
  • Suitcases Room
  • Taxi Service
  • Ticket Booking Service
  • Traditional Coffee Shop


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